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Share, Save or  Print this page: Follow Us On: Home Charities: AND MORE ARE COMING  SOON! Local &  Canadian FOOD BANKS HEART &™ STROKE FOUNDATION Canadian Cancer Society A proud supporter of A proud supporter of A proud supporter of Special Events “We have always been a strong supporter to local Canadian and international charities for many years.”

We at Kop Media Group enjoy and look forward to working with multiple charities from all over and Canada and throughout the world. There are millions of people that need the help everyday from others, Kop Media is pleased to open its doors to help the ones that need it. We try to work close to each and every charity to help match or meet their goal.

We’re also pleased to offer and host our own; haunts, events, concerts, galas or productions in an effort to help local and/or international charities meet their goals; as well, offer services in other means that work in conjunction with communities, services, business, and companies to help and support the less fortunate.