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KOP Media™. Computer Services Computer/Service’s:

Our professional technicians can aide you to solve any computer repair issues that you maybe experiencing. We offer a solutions to your problems at an affordable cost that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket whether it’s a repair issue, custom build or upgrade! Without that over burden cost that some may charge you!

We work with you and our wide variety of services that we offer to help you solve the most difficult of problems, to get you back up and running!

Most Common Related Computer Issues:

  • Blue screen of death (Blue screen errors)
  • Computer system won’t boot up
  • Invalid system disk
  • Computer starts then shuts off right away
  • Computer restarts after its turned on repeatedly
  • Lost or forgotten password
  • Windows freezes at log on screen
  • Wireless Internet isn’t showing
  • Multiple pop-ups
  • Data Backup from a faulty hard drive
  • Windows activation issues
  • Trojan viruses leaking important information
  • Computer is crashing after launching a game or application
  • Overheating issues
  • And Many More!

Call Us today, so we can help make your computer happy again and make you smile!

Custom Built/Combo Deal: †Labour Not Included.


Tax Included

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