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KOP Media™. Computer Services Website/Designs: Graphics/Designs:

We provide a website design that results in a pleasing experience to clients users. Our creative websites that our clients’ vision become turned into a reality. We work with your logo and colour schemes to become consistent throughout any of your printable material, print marketing, and online content. That is guaranteed to have a design that they have envisioned.

Our website design experience include advanced programming languages such as HTML, HTML5, DHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, BBC, and Flash animation and much more. We also including search engine submission to many browsers on the web today (I.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN to name a few).

We work on a first come; first serve basis (One Customer At A Time). So we can treat you like you are our only customer. Making it much easier to help you count on us to finish the job right, to meet your personal expectations and on time, at an affordable cost to meet your budget. We are proud to be one of the best website development companies.  

The look and feel of a well designed website can let a user understand what it’s all about, when done right! We at KOP Media strive to do that for you the client and your users to meet your needs and vision!

In this day and age, “imaging is what its all about”. Its becoming more of a forefront to any business or service out there. We work closely with each of our clients or customers to identify the visual aspic and goals they are trying to achieve. Colour, concept, and desired image projection take an main stage to create a captivating and functional image to help achieve that level they are looking for. We use all the latest software, systems, practices, and techniques to keep you ahead of the competition at a lower cost that is affordable so even the smaller business can reach their mark with out that heavy burden cost others may charge to get started. Everyone should have something that represents who they are, their values, and their target market.

We have adapted and changed with the industry as it has grown, we strive for excellence in customer service and finished product satisfaction. Our graphic artists were born with natural talent and have harnessed their talents to make your dreams and fantasies come to life in our designs.

Your vision will soon be your realty. We will work with our clients to ensure their satisfaction whether its step by step or they give us a direction and we run with it, the finished product will appease all your senses.


†Visit our portfolio page for projects we have done or worked on HERE!